On-site Installation

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The MPS System waterproofs both new and existing structures using a series of complex,
low voltage, positive and negative pulsating charges passed through electrodes in the form of anode wire strategically placed within the structure. The pulsating charge creates an electromagnetic force which actively repels water within the capillary to the groundwater behind without producing any interference to other electrical, electronic and communication equipment. The MPS System is capable of withstanding 60 barg water pressure at 0.2 mm crack width. As such, it can prevent mould and bacteria growth on walls and radon gas ingress from underground water systems.

Concrete and brick masonry structures consist of a mass containing capillary
formations. A common form of water ingress into basement structures is through capillary action. Water penetrates into the concrete through  voids and cracks and travels along the capillaries  using a  similar mechanism  as plants and trees receive and distribute water. 

The MPS System is an evolutionary technology built upon established scientific theory. It gives new life to existing structures, avoids expensive  reconstruction  and allows a broad field of applications in concrete structures.

Water ingress has long since been a major problem for Architects, Property Managers, Contractors and Engineers. Conventional waterproofing techniques only address specific problems for a limited period of time and as such, costs can spiral.

Hydrotech's innovative MPS System succeeds where all others fail and is safe, reliable and cost effective. Furthermore whether it is an existing structure or a new building, Hydrotech's proprietary technology, The MPS System provides water ingress protection.